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Problem Analysis and Rectification

We will help you to solve your problem in the field of power electronics.

Our many years of measurement experience in the field of inverters and gate drivers, the development of gate drivers and the exceptionally extensive measurement technology help us to analyze your problem and develop solutions.

We offer trouble shooting for existing systems, as individual as the power electronics itself. No matter if current maldistributions, unexpected component failures or harmonic problems. We take care!

Problems already studied and solutions worked out:

  • Harmonics in a 400 V / 1 MVA island network
  • Fuel cell failures in a 1 kV DC converter network.
  • Current maldistribution with three parallel power semiconductors in the inverter (3x FF1800R17)
  • Measurement of current characteristics during inductive hardening (6 kAp, 8 kHz)